Isla Seymour Norte

Isla Seymour Norte

North Seymour has a length of 3218.69 meters. Seymour Norte, Plaza Sur and Plaza Norte, Baltra, northeast of Santa Cruz, Santa Fe and part of Spanish, were formed by underwater volcanic lava surveys. They were part of a table of volcanic lava deposited in the form of a sheet along cracks located at the bottom of the ocean.

The studies occurred sporadically and lasted more than one million years to reach its current level. North Seymour Island is a great site for visitors on your Galapagos cruise! You may have to make way for a sea lion or marine iguana. The blue-footed boobies’ nest on each side of the trail where the mating pairs perform their courtship dance.

Farther along the rocky shore, a row of white sand lies inland, and large flocks of seabirds mingle for outstanding feeding frenzies, making a picture for us for a long time.

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